Homeschool Judo Classes


Arrow Martial Arts Homeschool program is designed for homeschool students by homeschool students and utilizes homeschool familiar personnel as instructors. Because we fully understand the homeschool dynamic, we can cater to the needs of homeschooled children.

We focus on self-defense and confidence building with our homeschool students. Our program is a full scope Judo program not just a P.E credit. The athletes in our program are learning all the techniques that are taught in our regular classes and our students are promoted within our system just as they would do in our other classes. 

If you are looking for confidence, focus, and self-defense training for your homeschool child, come check out our homeschool Judo Classes to see if it’s the right fit for you! 

Classes are Every Thursday 

This program will not run during the summer.

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