Preschool Tumbling


Our Preschool Tumbling classes is designed for ages 3-5 years old. We use equipment and circuits geared to teach essential tools needed for beginner tumblers.  Body shapes and positions, entry and exit positions, body movement drills, forward and backwards rolls, handstands. They will for sure get all the wiggles out and be ready to flip all over. 

Our Preschool Tumbling classes are 30 minutes long. 


Classes require proper attire and hair support to encourage and facilitate safety, proper training and fun. All girl-students are encouraged to wear a leotard, or a form fitted tops and bottoms. The students will be upside down and inverting themselves to achieve and train in the sport of gymnastics. No shoes and hair should be pulled back and out of the face. Absolutely no jewelry (stud ear piercings are allowed). No candy, gum, food, or flavored drinks allowed in class. Please have athletes bring a water bottle for class. Thank you for helping us stay safe so maximum fun and maximum training may proceed.


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