Parent and Tot Gymnastics (Co-ed)

This is a class designed to introduce students ages 18-36 months to exploring foundational gymnastics movements alongside their parent or guardian, with the facilitation of a gymnastics coach. Students will explore and play with rolling, jumping, bouncing, and overall kinesthetic and special awareness in a safe, fun, and interactive environment.

Preschool Gymnastics (Co-ed)


Preschool Gymnastics is designed to introduce girls and boys ages 3 years to 5 years old to gymnastics in a fun, safe, and structured environment. Students will learn about tuck, pike, and straddle positions. They will spend time exploring skills that involve balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination, including hanging/swinging on the bar, jumping, rolls, monkey jumps and donkey kicks. In addition, the students will practice listening and observation skills in this structured environment. 

Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational classes are designed to motivate and challenge school-age children to develop specific skills. The emphasis is to promote discipline, self-confidence, strength, agility, and coordination in a safe, wholesome environment while introducing the sport of gymnastics. We will focus on gymnastics skills as well as flexibility, safety, concentration, listening, teamwork, social skills, balance, rhythm, and spatial awareness.  Children of all ages will benefit from a gymnastics experience. 

Competitive Gymnastics

To qualify for a competitive team, all gymnasts must meet a criteria of skills. Once competing, each gymnast must meet a certain number of practice hours per week.

  • XCEL Team

  • Optional Team

  • Boys Team

  • Girls Team

In order to register for the competitive team please call or email us to schedule time for an athlete, parent and coach consultation time so we can better assist you with your membership.