Kid's Martial Arts Classes


Kids Judo

Our School Aged Judo Program, also known as Kids Judo, is built around the grappling techniques taught in Judo. In this class, students will focus more on standing and throws in the art of self-defense, while also working on significant groundwork techniques. Judo is an ideal choice in kids self-defense programs, as it also helps to develop character, self-confidence, focus in all aspects. Most importantly our judo program is a fun environment. Our two martial arts programs, Judo and BJJ, are very complimentary and many athletes cross train both arts simultaneously. Athletes will build greater flexibility, fitness, balance, and body control. Our martial arts program will consist of skill and techniques development, warm -ups, and games that are designed to create a fun spirited cool down that encourages teamwork. Arrow’s Kids Judo Program is for children 6-13 years old; call or click register below to get started today!

Kids Jiu-Jitsu:  

Our School Aged BJJ program, also known as BJJ, is structured around the grappling techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This sport is the known as the world’s premier ground fighting system and is a great all-around self-defense art. BJJ focuses on more of the groundwork, while judo is mainly about the dismantling throw that gets to the groundwork. Our martial arts programs teach kids self-defense, but also help to develop character, self-confidence, and focus. Our program is built on a safe but most importantly, a fun environment. Our Judo and BJJ programs are complimentary to one another, and therefore, our athletes often cross train in both arts. Arrow’s Kids BJJ Program is for children 6-13 years old; call or click register below to get started today!

Clothing requirements Judo and Jiu-Jitsu:

Each child should wear a gi to class. These can be purchased at the front desk. Shorts and rash guards are best for under the gi; however, don’t wear jeans, loose shirts, or jewelry to avoid any safety issues. Students should pull hair back if long enough to.

Private Lessons available upon request.

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