Summer Camp


Our camps are themed based and change every year. Campers will enjoy a summer of learning different sports, outdoor activities, arts and crafts and having tons of fun! Some activities include making slime, watching movies, learning different sports, water days and field trips. 

We encourage each camper to participate in each sport, game, craft and activity set for that day. Campers will be split into groups based on age. 

Our ratio is based on the age of the groups. 

Our camps for sure keep your child active in a safe and clean environment. Our coaching staff makes camp fun while still teaching campers new activities, learning sports, arts and crafts, learning bible and make new friends along the way! 

Space in limited!!!! 

Summer Camp Times are: 

M-F 7:00am-5:30pm 


All Campers receive a themed arrow t-shirt.

We will offer lunch Monday-Thursday and snacks every day. 

Way to Go Movies!!! 

Campers will be able to watch 2 PG rated movies in the gym. Our movies maybe old or new. Campers may bring movie snacks and arrow will provide popcorn. Campers can bring $5 dollars for movie snacks and drinks. Days are subject to change. 


We will play in the water one day per week. Campers will go outside with coaches and the fun begins! Days are subject to change based on weather. 

We offer a special summer treat on Fridays! With a variety of flavors, campers are excited about these treats during a fun, active filled day!


How old can children be for Camp? 

3-13 years old and will be separated by age group.

*preschoolers must be completely potty trained and totally independent in the bathroom. 

What to Bring?

Lunch on Fridays 

Book bag filled with the following items:

Water Bottle

Swimsuit/ Trunks with Swim Shirt 




Sleeping Bag 

Extra set of clothes 

Bug Spray 

Electronic devices are welcome during our quiet time only. Electronic devices will be allowed at the staff’s discretion. LABEL EVERYTHING!  

What to Wear?

Athletic clothing  

How do we handle children with allergies?

When you register for camp, please be sure to indicate specific allergies – especially food or environmental allergies. You are welcome to leave your child’s Epi Pen or medication in our office, LABELED with your child’s name on it.  We are NOT a peanut free facility; however, we will have a lunch and snack table specified to be peanut free. We will also make sure children with peanut allergies will get to sit with a friend that has a peanut free lunch!


Arrow Athletics is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label everything.  A great deal of towels, lunch boxes, water bottles, jewelry, shoes, shirts, swimsuits and more get left behind daily. Due to the sheer volume of items that get left behind, we will donate all items left behind at the end of the week.  Please make sure your child comes home with everything they bring and check the lost and found frequently. 

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