Women's Self-Defense

The Arrow Athletics Women’s Self-Defense Program is built around techniques taken from both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  We train our ladies to focus on escaping an attacker rather than “winning a fight.”  Specific Women’s Self-Defense techniques are discussed in each of our classes depending on what the specific ladies are interested in and what they consider their particular threat scenario.  This allows us to tailor a set of techniques to the lady or she can learn a specific art.  Our Women’s Self-Defense training takes place in either a Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class depending on whether the lady in question considers her focus to be more standing or ground self-defense.  Both our BJJ and Judo classes are 20-40% ladies or teen girls.  Our primary instructors have over 20 years each in teaching women and girls; as well, several of our assistant instructors are ladies.  We believe that women will feel very comfortable learning self-defense at Arrow regardless their experience level.  We take into consideration size and strength differences between women and their likely attackers as well as the probable circumstances in which women will find themselves in a self-defense situation.

Call for Women’s Self Defense Clinic available times and pricing. 

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