Boys Gymnastics


  • Boys have endless energy! They love to run, jump and challenge each other. Let us harness that enthusiasm into lifelong skills! Our Developmental Boys Artistic Gymnastics program is designed to develop specific skills on the 6 Men’s Olympic Apparatus: Floor exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. They will also be introduced to basic Ninja Skills!

  • Gymnastics is a great foundational sport to enhance strength, flexibility, and endurance for other sports.

  • Tumbling Titans is a 55 minute, beginner class. These athletes learn basic terminology and body shapes. They develop the strength to pull their body weight, support themselves upside down, grip strength and much more. Coordination for running and jumping is also introduced. This class is currently offered twice per week.

  • Spartans is a 55 minute, intermediate class. Athletes will continue to advance their skills and begin putting sequences of skills together. From here, athletes will be offered the opportunity to move to our competitive team!

  • Samurai are advanced athletes that choose not to move to competitive gymnastics, but desire to continue developing their skills. This is a 90-minute class.

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