Boys Strength and Agility


Boys Strength and Agility

Do you have a little boy who never stops running, jumping, and climbing? Then you will definitely want him to enjoy the Power Zone. Does your son already participate in Baseball, Football, Soccer, or any sport and is wanting his body conditioned all year long or in off-season? Do you want your son to be healthier and spend less time in front of electronics? Of course, you do! Don’t make him wait – NOW is the time to enroll.

PowerZone classes include strength, endurance, and agility. Our instructors know how to lead your child through exercises to become stronger, more coordinated, and confident all while having FUN! For these classes, your child will improve in muscular endurance, explosiveness, core strength, and balance! Classes are divided into two age groups in order to maintain the right balance of challenges and FUN.

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