Contemporary dance is an artform that has challenged breaking the boundaries of classical ballet. No dancer should start contemporary dance until they have taken at least a year of ballet. This is not to limit the dancer. This is to ensure success and avoid frustration; you cannot learn to walk before you crawl. Any dancer considering our Contemporary class MUST be old enough and enrolled into the*Ballet II Class that takes place before Contemporary class. We use the Ballet II Class, to not only go over the ballet basics, but we use it as our warm-up, so that we can dive straight into contemporary choreography and tricks.

*Ballet II is for ages 9-17, it is combined with some Ballet I level students, but you must be considered a Ballet II student to join Contemporary. Contact us to get a consultation with our dance coordinator if you are unsure or have questions!

Attire: Any color leotard, ballet skirts are approved, pink or skin-colored tights, pink or skin-colored ballet shoes. Hair in a bun or pulled back if hair is too short for a bun.

Contemporary can put a pair of leggings or shorts over leotard, ballet shoes or bare feet.


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