Aerial & Silks

Aerial silks 

Welcome to dancing in the air! Aerial Silks is a fairly new athletic art that has been made popular through circuses such as Cirque de Soliel and challenged on shows such as America’s Got Talent. The performer PINK! is also well known to dance on the fabric in her performances. Two ribbons that descend from the ceiling are made to climb, hang, pose, drop and fly! This athletic art is beautiful, but just like any sport, it has it’s risks. For that reason, the age limit is firm at 8 years old and class spots are limited so that the instructor can adhere to the details of each individual. A gymnastics or dance background does help understand this distinct art more smoothly and these students are more likely to improve faster. However, you can start classes without any athletic background, we would love to have you! Classes will get to participate in performances that will be announced later in the season. 

We hope to see you in the air! 

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