Aerial & Silks

Aerial Silks is a new athletic art that has been made popular through circuses such as, Cirque du Soliel, and challenged on shows such as, America’s Got Talent. The famous singer and songwriter, P!NK, is also well known to dance utilizing this fabric in her performances. Aerial Silks is two ribbons or a hammock, that descends from the ceiling. They are made to climb, hang, pose, drop, and fly!

This athletic art is beautiful, but just like any sport, it has its risks. The age limit is firm at 8-years-old and class spots are limited so that the instructor can focus on the training of each individual safely. A gymnastics or dance background vastly helps understand this distinct art more smoothly and your student is more likely to improve faster. However, you can start classes without any athletic background, we would love to have you!

 To become an Aerialist, you MUST attend an Aerial Silks try-out. Trying out does not guarantee you a spot in our Silks program, but we will guide your athlete in how to get there! The dangers and risks associated with this art is extremely high and we need to make sure the proper form and understanding of body awareness is there first. In other words, it is essential that we make sure you can crawl before you can walk.

Contact us for our try-out dates or a consultation with the Aerial Silks Coordinator to start your Aerial Silks journey!

*You cannot sign up online, you MUST attend a try-out and consultation with our coordinator!

*Try-outs are seasonal and if you miss try-outs or are waiting for a spot to open, individual lessons are available if approved to start by the Aerial Silks Coordinator.


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