School Age Tumbling

Tumble 1
5-10 years old and 11-18 years old (45 minutes) 
No experience required. Beginning basics and fundamentals to beginner inverted skills. Body control, strength, flexibility, coordination, and form are disciplined and instructed for the development and achievement of skills such as rolling properly, inverted support, and correct inverted movement. \

Tumble 2 
5-10 years old and 11-18 years old (45 minutes) 
Intermediate experience required. Beginner skill connections, sequence fundamentals, continued skill and strength training in cartwheels, round-offs and standing tumbling. Standing skills must be achieved before being evaluated for Tumble 3 status tumbling. 

Tumble 3 
5-10 years old and 11-18 years old (60 minutes) 
Evaluation and invite only. Advanced sequence tumbling, advanced aerial skill and up. Our most advanced class, students will be instructed to master handspring and aerial skill combinations. Students will continue further mastery in standing skills, sequence and skill connections as well as strength, flexibility, and air awareness.

How to prepare your child for classes. Classes require each athlete to wear fitted clothing or Arrow Athletics T-shirts along with soft shorts or leggings. Hair should be tied up, if long, and out of the students face. Tennis shoes are allowed. Shoes should be clean indoor shoes with no rough soles.  No candy, gum, food or flavored drinks allowed in class. Absolutely no jewelry. Stud ear piercings are allowed. Cell phones will be collected at the front desk and returned upon class dismissal.

Arrow Athletics Gymnastics Program Coordinator and Staff

Tumbling Classes Jackson TN

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