Preschool Gymnastics


Our Parent—Tot classes are designed for our little athletes!!!! Children walking to 3 years of age are invited to join in the world of gymnastics alongside their parent/ guardian. Along with basic gymnastics skills, our Parent-Tot athletes will learn balance, coordination, agility, counting, colors, how to share/take turns, and so much more! These boys and girls will get the opportunity to jump on our tumble trak, climb and swing on the bars, walk on the balance beam, and do all kinds of fun activities! They will for sure get all their wiggles out! As the parent/guardian, you will be out on the floor and involved during the entire class while our amazing Arrow Staff facilitates all the fun! 

Our Parent-Tot classes are 30 minutes long. 

Tiny Gymnasts 

Our Tiny Gymnastics classes proudly offers gymnastics specifically designed for boys and girls 3-5 years old. We use equipment, circuits, and curriculum geared to teach and develop skills necessary to advance in all sports! Your little athlete will get introduced to all the aspects of gymnastics including bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and vault in a fun and creative way! 

Our Preschool Gymnastics classes are 45 minutes long.

Class Attire

Classes require proper attire and hair support to encourage and facilitate safety, proper training and fun. All girl-students are encouraged to wear a leotard, or a form fitted tops and bottoms. The students will be upside down and inverting themselves to achieve and train in the sport of gymnastics. No shoes and hair should be pulled back and out of the face. Absolutely no jewelry (stud ear piercings are allowed). No candy, gum, food, or flavored drinks allowed in class. Please have athletes bring a water bottle for class. Thank you for helping us stay safe so maximum fun and maximum training may proceed. 


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