Preschool Gymnastics

Walking to 3 years old (30-minute class)
In this class your child and you will explore basic movement with an emphasis on building fine and gross motor skills as well as developing early social skills, gym awareness, body awareness, mild structure, and apparatus or equipment introduction. 

Beginner Tot
Potty trained and 3 years old (30-minute class)
This class is for 3-year-olds who are ready to “hop solo”. Children will be introduced to basic gymnastics skills such as body movement, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. They will learn listening skills, basic classroom structure and gym awareness for safety along with apparatus and equipment introduction. 

Beginner Pre-School
4 and 5 years old (45-minute class)
This class will develop the fundamentals and basics to begin training in skills such as cartwheels, handstands and a new confidence in apparatus skill development. Strength, flexibility and coordination skills will be further developed on vault, bars, beam, and floor.

Advanced Preschool
4 and 5 years old (55-minute class)
This class is by invitation only for those students who need more of a challenge. Classes are structured around skill ability. Instruction will follow a skills program to meet the standards of higher skill development. 

How to prepare your child for classes. 
Classes require proper attire and hair support to encourage and facilitate safety, proper training and fun. All girl-students are encouraged, if a leotard is not accessible, to wear form-fitted tops and bottoms. Spotting and instructional assistance will require no baggy clothing. (Boys- Form fitted shirts and soft shorts will suffice.) The students will be hanging and standing upside down and inverting themselves to achieve and train in the sport of gymnastics. Loose clothing can be uncomfortable, hinder skill and movement, and possibly be dangerous. No shoes are required. Hair should be tied up, if long, and out of the face. Please only soft hair ties. Absolutely no jewelry. Stud ear piercings are allowed. No candy, gum, food, or flavored drinks allowed in class. Cell phones will be collected at the front desk and returned upon class dismissal. Thank you for helping us stay safe so maximum fun and maximum training may proceed. 

Arrow Athletics Gymnastics Program Coordinator and Staff

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