Preschool Martial Arts


Judo Jacks 

Our preschool judo program, also known as Judo Jacks, is built around grappling techniques that are taught in Judo. This fun program is an ideal way to teach kids self-defense, as well as develop character, self-confidence, and focus. Children in the Judo Jacks program will focus on building greater flexibility, fitness, and body control. Kids who graduate from our Judo Jacks program will be well prepared to begin either Kids Judo or BJJ. Judo Jacks classes include time for learning both throws and groundwork techniques, as well as learning specific warm-ups and games designed to prepare students for continuance in martial arts.

Ages: 3 to 5

Clothing requirements: Each child should wear a gi to class. These can be purchased at the front desk. Shorts and rash guards are best for under the gi; however, don’t wear jeans, loose shirts, or jewelry to avoid any safety issues. Students should pull hair back if long enough to.

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