Preschool Martial Arts


Judo Jacks: 

Arrow Athletics Pre-School Martial Arts Program is built around the grappling techniques of Judo.  Judo is an ideal art to teach kids self-defense as well as develop character, self-confidence, focus, and to, of course, have fun!   Children in the Arrow Judo Jacks Program will focus on  building greater flexibility, fitness, and body control.  Kids who graduate from the Judo Jacks program will be well prepared to begin either our Kids Judo or BJJ programs.  Each Arrow Judo Jacks class includes time for learning both ground and standup techniques of Judo as well as sport specific warm-ups and games designed to prepare students to continue on in martial arts.  Judo Jacks Program is for children 3-5 years old. Call or click register below to get started!

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