Ballet is the backbone of dance. Ballet is the traditional artform that classically trains a dancer on movement, direction, body knowledge, and self-discipline. A Ballet student will be able to: distinguish their right from their left, become more physically coordinated, have a better posture, use both sides of their neurological senses, become stronger, etc. The list goes on for the benefits ballet has on students of all ages. Many students will even take ballet to better themselves in gymnastics, jujitsu, aerial silks, soccer, volleyball, etc. It helps with coordination in all sports! If you are looking to help your child become a dancer or benefit themselves in other sports, ballet is where that journey should begin. Ballet is a personal ticket to physical and mental success!

The Dance Coordinator is always willing to help you place your child at the level and class he or she needs. Please do not hesitate to request a consultation or try-out!

Attire: Any color leotard; however, pink is the most common for ages 3-7. Tights should be pink or skin-colored, as well as pink or skin colored ballet shoes. We recommend a canvas material ballet shoe that does not have the ties at the toes. Hair must be in a bun or pulled back if too short for a bun.

Ballet has classes for ages 3-17

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