Ballet is the foundation of dance. It is the architect for the dancer’s body to become strong for all dance disciplines. We teach a traditional ballet class beginning at the ballet barre, moving to center floor, across the floor, and ending with a reverence – all to classical music. Ballet strengthens the body, increases flexibility and creates agility and grace of movement. Mobility for all of our ballet classes are decided by our instructors’ recommendations. Your child’s teacher will let you and our front desk staff know when it’s time for your dancer to move up to the next level. In the recital, all ballet classes will perform 1 ballet routine. 

Our Ballet classes are 45 minutes long. 

Dance Attire

Dancer are encouraged to wear dance leotards or Arrow T-shirts along with non-restrictive shorts, tights or leggings. Hair in a bun. Ballet slippers are required (please write your child’s name in the inside of all shoes).


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