Hip Hop is a fun way to get kids to understand rhythm, sequence memory and coordination. For that kid that likes to bust out in the middle of the grocery store to their favorite song, Hip Hop lessons are probably your best bet! Kids will learn the basics of Hip Hop from its history on the streets to the way it has evolved today; they will be introduced to a fusion of all styles!

Our dance program offers two types of Hip-Hop classes, Recreational and Academy. Recreational Hip Hop is geared towards those who want to take Hip Hop lessons as a beginner, with introductory exercises, introductory choreography and all around, for fun. Academy Hip Hop is designed for the experienced Hip Hopper who can pick up choreography quickly and are willing to perform at a moment’s notice for local events or film. All dancers must first sign up for Recreational Hip Hop in their age group, even if interested in Academy classes. Our coordinator will choose dancers who fit in the Academy class level from the recreational classes or auditions for the Academy class will be posted (there are no auditions posted at this time).

Hip Hop attire: stretchy, comfortable clothing, no jeans or shorts. Hair up. Flat bottom sneakers, High Top Converse are highly recommended and will be used for performances. Get them as soon as you can so that they can be broken in if you desire to have your student perform. Academy classes: High Top Converse are required.

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