Competition Judo Team

Arrow Athletics Judo Team- Arrow Martial Arts competition team competes in local, regional and national level grappling tournaments. We have done very well in competition with over 75% of our competitors medaling. Our focus so far has been on Judo tournaments because that is where most of our students primarily train; however, as our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program grows, we will endeavor to schedule more of those tournaments as well.

At Arrow we don’t train to compete; rather we compete as a part of training. What that means is that we don’t focus our training to be able to win within a specific rule set, but we want to test our training periodically against the best that other dojos produce. This helps our students and coaches understand the strengths and weaknesses of our training. We invite specific students that have shown promise and interest to our competition training on Saturdays. If your athlete wishes to train for competition, please engage the coaches and we will evaluate them.

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