Team Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

The gymnasts who compete on the teams of Arrow Athletics participate and train in a program designed for gymnastic excellence, however, they experience and learn much more than the sport of gymnastics. Lead by Head Coach Beth Anne Forsythe and Head Coach and Gymnastics Program Coordinator Blaine Huslig, the coaches operate under the premise that gymnastics trains a gymnast to be more than an athlete. Through gymnastics training, being part of a team and competing as a gymnast, members will learn the greater value of the training process. The mental and physical fortitude required to accomplish the sport and skill demanded in gymnastics will lead any young gymnast to better and higher standards of achievements and successes in all other sports, education, friendships, family, careers, life and at Arrow Athletics a relationship with their Creator. Gymnastics will fortify health, fitness, respect, responsibility, leadership qualities, the value of others and confidence for life. Higher-level gymnastics trains and develops strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, power, stamina, discipline, perseverance, speed, mental fortitude, and grace.

Our mission for competitive women’s and men’s gymnastics at Arrow Athletics will be to provide a quality, safe and inspirational training environment for competitive gymnasts. We are charged with the task of developing, mentoring and leading youth who aspire to be gymnasts to become the best version of themselves as athletes and also as people. Confidence, self-esteem, discipline, respect, trust, skill and faith is the anthem we stand on.

Our goal is to instruct and train strategically and through processes designed to progress a gymnast properly and correctly at an individual basis that will encourage self-confidence and proper skill development. Individual training leads to positive team support and positive sportsmanship by all team members producing cohesiveness and confidence in each other. Respect, trust, discipline, and skill are key aspects to the training and development of any of our gymnasts. The Arrow Athletics Gymnastics Coaches desire to inspire all gymnasts to be their best and achieve excellence from within as well as in the sport of gymnastics. 

Team selection is a serious and important aspect of competitive gymnastics. Coaches will determine team placement and team selection based off of multiple factors of each gymnast on an individual basis. Arrow Athletics strongly believes in truthful and honest selection of our gymnasts. We do not use favoritism or political methods to determine a gymnasts placement or selection on any team or competitive arrangement. Evaluations of potential team members will consist of analysis and observations covering elements such as, but not limited to strength, coordination, balance, skill level, discipline with instruction, respectful behavior, positive attitude, mental endurance and mental toughness. Team member selections or level movement through the respected levels of competitive gymnastics is at the sole discretion and decision of Arrow Athletics Gymnastics Team Coaches.

“Practice like you’re at a performance, and perform like you’re at practice.” 
-Coach Blaine Huslig
Arrow Athletics Gymnastics Program Coordinator

CONTACT: For more information or general questions please email contactus@arrowathletics.net

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a division of the sport of gymnastics in which female gymnasts perform short routines on different gymnastics apparatus. 

The events for women’s artistic gymnastics include; 

  • Vault 
  • Uneven Bars 
  • Balance Beam 
  • Floor Exercise 

There are opportunities for recognition both as individuals and as a team. Besides strength, skill, and grace, gymnasts develop perseverance, mental toughness, sportsmanship, athleticism, time management skills, responsibility, respect for others and lifelong friendships.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

Boys Gymnastics

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics is a division of the sport of gymnastics in which male gymnasts perform short routines on different gymnastics apparatus.

The events for men’s artistic gymnastics include; 

  • Floor Exercise 
  • Pommel Horse 
  • Still Rings 
  • Vault 
  • Parallel Bars  
  • High Bar 

There are opportunities for recognition both as individuals and as a team. Besides strength, skill, and grace, gymnasts develop mental toughness, time management skills, responsibility, teamwork, perseverance and respect for others and lifelong friendships.

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