Parent & Child (Walking-36 months)

Parent-tot is a 30-minute-long class that is created for children who are walking through 36-months. Advancement to the next level classes is based on being fully potty-trained, skillset, and mental/emotional readiness. This program is designed to give parents a fun and unique opportunity to play alongside their little ones, while also guiding them in the development of new skills in an exciting environment. This is a great bonding experience with your little one. These classes follow an open/structure format, which encourages every child to run, jump, swing, roll, climb, and get their wiggles out. They will begin to learn the fundamentals for skills that will be applied in later classes. We also focus on class etiquette, as we begin to teach obedience, good manners, and the importance of being a good listener.

  • Phone Policy: Please note that phone calls, face time, and other social media browsing is not permitted during class time. This is for the safety of your child and others in the gym. We ask that all participants please respect our phone policy.
  • Clothing requirements: Girls should wear either leotards or snug athletic clothes. Boys should wear snug athletic clothes. Please, no dangle jewelry, as this is a safety hazard. Hair should be pulled back for safety as well. We request that children do not have their midriffs showing. We sell Arrow t-shirts and leotards if needed.
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