Homeschool Classes

What makes our homeschool program different?

Students will begin with fundamentals of the classes they participate in and they will progress in further skill advancement. Students will participate in fun games, challenges, and skills that our lead by our amazing staff members. Our program is centered around a fun and safe environment.

Boys & Girls Home School Recreational (3 yrs – 13 yrs ) 
Our homeschool Recreational Classes are designed for homeschooled children ages 3 to 13. We created these classes to ensure your child is in a class that will teach and challenge them all while having fun activities to ensure they enjoy the class. We offer homeschool classes for the following:

    • Preschool Tumblenastics
    • School Aged Gymnastics
    • Flips and Strength
    • Arrow Warriors- Ninja
    • Judo

These classes are offered from September 1st- May 31st.  We do not offer homeschool classes during the summer.


Classes require proper attire and hair support to encourage and facilitate safety, proper training, and fun. All female students are encouraged to wear a leotard, or a form-fitted shirt and bottoms. All t-shirts worn by female athletes must wear a sports bra underneath. The students will be upside down and inverting themselves to train in the sport of gymnastics. No shoes will be used.  Hair should be pulled back and out of the face. Absolutely no jewelry (stud ear piercings are allowed). Male students should wear sports like clothing to attend class. No candy, gum, food, or flavored drinks are allowed in class. Please have athletes bring a water bottle for class. Thank you for helping us stay safe so maximum fun and maximum training may proceed.

Class time is: 55 minutes long 


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