Cheer Fundamentals

(5-18 YEAR OLDS) (45-minute class) 
Beginner cheer classes created to instill a love and passion for cheer before committing to a competition or school cheer team. Will work on motions, chanting and jumps. This class offers some tumbling. We offer this 45 minute class to interested athletes that are ages 5 and up. As an In-house program, it is for the athletes that want to learn and perform cheerleading within the Arrow Athletics or to practice for School tryouts.  Athletes receive a skill sheet at the beginning of the series to track progress. Once skills are accomplished, athletes will perform and present those skills to move up to the next level or athletes could be asked to become a part of the Arrow Allstar team.

Cheerleading Classes Jackson TN

Arrow Athletics Competitive Cheer

Arrow Athletics offers a Competitive Cheer Team for those students seeking a more intense curriculum and providing them with an education of the sport. Each member of the team is given a customized class schedule. Athletes will attend and compete at 6 Competitions within 2 hours of the gym as well as perform locally within the community.  You must be asked or try-out to be part of the competitive cheer team. 

Call to schedule Try-out at 731-240-1220 

ARROW ATHLETICS encourages each athlete to wear fitted clothing or Arrow T-shirts along with shorts or leggings. Hair in ponytail or bun. Tennis shoes are recommended but not required.

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